You can take all of your training with us and receive a pretty nice discount by purchasing a membership.  We offer memberships for one person or an entire organization.  You only purchase what you need.  The more you buy, the greater the discount.

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Have you ever taken a childcare training course that left you scratching your head? Listened to a dull presenter that almost put you to sleep?  Watched a webinar that did not give you any valuable information? We have, and they’re not awesome. They’re anti-awesome. We’ve had enough. And you know what? Big training conferences are no different if you are listening to a dull presenter. By the time you’re finished and have walked away with the certificate, you could be in the parking lot sleepwalking to your car.

Dullsville, Population:

In 2016 Smarty Pants partnered with the
AGC Training Center in Augusta, Georgia.

We believe where information is presented poorly, information is not presented at all.

The combined companies provide a diverse team of writers and developers with over

20 years of experience, tackling all angles of the training conundrum. We have an

effective mix of knowledge.   We know what type of training we like, and we know

you’ll like what we like too. We like interesting, engaging, and applicable, by the way.

AGC has been providing training and consulting since 1998.  Face to face training and hands on assessments allow their team to cater a specific plan to meet your individual business needs.  The high energy and dynamic atmosphere that one can expect in any meeting with AGC can motivate even the most unmotivated.  It is a proven fact that face to face training with a dynamic and knowledgable trainer is by far the most effective training available. 

We know in a perfect world with an unlimited budget, this is a no brainer solution for every company.  It's no NEWS FLASH that we don't operate in that type of environment today.  Employee turnover is at an all time high, and companies are finding it harder every day to work around employees busy lives.  You have budgets to maintain, and constantly training new employees in a changing environment can get real costly real fast! 

Smarty Pants Online Training has been developing effective and entertaining online training since 2011.  Smarty Pants knew there was a gap to fill when a new employee started work, and needed to be trained with about 24 hours notice.  Smarty Pants worked with businesses and found that many operators struggle with finding time to effectively train employees on the basics in a consistent manner.  How many times have you heard a new employee say, "Nobody ever trained me on that!"  Online courses teach the same thing, the same way EVERY TIME.  It's a great way for employees to get the basics.

By combining both companies, teachers and directors have more flexibility than ever when it comes to how you train your employees.  Call us today and see how we can cater a plan for your center that will meet your training and budget needs.


If you are looking for an option where you can provide your staff with a combination of live and online training, Smarty Pants has partnered with The AGC Training Center to offer this great feature. 

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