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 Have you ever taken a childcare online course that left you scratching your head? Listened to a dull presenter that almost put you to sleep?  Watched a webinar that did not give you any valuable information? We have, and they’re not awesome. They’re anti-awesome. We’ve had enough. And you know what? Big training conferences are no different if you are listening to a dull presenter. By the time you’re finished and have walked away with the certificate, you could be in the parking lot sleepwalking to your car.

Dullsville, Population: YOU

Smarty Pants Online Training has been developing childcare training since 2011.  The courses are engaging, informative, can be taken when it is convenient for you 24/7. It's easy on the pocketbook starting at just $6 for one hour of  teacher education.

Our training partner

AGC Training

Smarty Pants Childcare Online Training  have joined forces with the AGC Training Center to provide you with the most unique childcare training experience.  We develop training onsite in our very own childcare center so you can learn in a way no other company is offering teacher education.

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