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Info-less Powerpoints.

Scattered 3-ring binders.

Boring sentences on endless paper.




At Smarty Pants Online Training, we believe online training does NOT have to be boring.  We develop training courses that  are played in movie format, with full audio and video. Smarty Pants  develops courses with a great balance between education and entertainment. We include engaging graphics and entertaining video clips that will help you be a better employee or manager. We know that if you enjoy watching the training, your brain will absorb the information, and that is the goal.

If your company is looking for a way to provide professional and consistent training to all of your employees, Smarty Pants offers a way to achieve this goal.  We can develop courses specifically to fit your needs.   Turnover  can be one  of the most costly expenses in your company.  Proper training for your employees in the beginning will not only help you retain your staff, but provide the employee with the necessary information to impact your company in a positive way from the start.