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The ears are all-hearing. Even faster than visual stimuli, the human brain reacts to audible stimuli within .16 seconds. This makes hearing one of the most effective of the five senses. That’s why Smarty Pants has audio throughout the entire course. Coupled with visual stimuli, the brain does something amazing when encountering both: it pays attention. And Smarty Pants likes when the brain pays attention.

That’s when learning happens.

The hands are all-doing. If an idea is in the head, the hands are the best means of acting it out. Smarty Pants provides downloadable packets, and Best Practices — each to engage the hands in what the eyes and ears already know. Doing is an important part of learning; when knowledge can be acted upon easily, education has been a success.


The eyes are all-seeing. Most people have a visual reaction time of approximately 0.19 seconds — that is, they can react to visual data from within a fraction of a second!

The eyes are powerful learning organs. We use that to our advantage in our training for child care providers with appropriate graphics and engaging video clips.