If you want the best possible training for your staff, we offer a package that offers a combination of Smarty Pants Online Training, and live courses conducted by the AGC Training Center. This package provides all the benefits of the Center membership as well as a package of hours your staff can use to attend live courses.  

If you want your staff to get the most out of their training experience, blended training will be the most effective way to train.  Nothing compares to the interaction your staff will receive in a face-to-face training course.  Our blended training package combines a center membership with a bundle of live training passes.  If you have more than 20 staff members, a custom onsite course can be scheduled as part of your package. You can use this in many ways to help enhance your center training program.  

Smarty Pants Online Training, AGC Training and Cornerstone Academy all work together to provide the best possible training solution for your team. We test and implement training in our center which gives us a unique perspective no other company has.  The online training approach works great for new hires and training that is needed quickly.  We use the live training approach to specifically cater to areas of needed development.  The ability to work with staff in a customized and interactive manner goes a long way to help build a better team.  Great training is the key to any organizations success.  Let us help you develop your training plan today.

If you would like a FREE quote for your center, please fill out the attached survey and we will cater a plan specifically for your center.​

  • Customized onsite live training class if you have 20 or more employees
  • 20% discount on on cost of live training
  • 20% discount on online training membership
  • Choice between unlimited online training for one year or 10 course memberships good for two years
  • The ability to meet the needs of your entire staff.  Since you pay per person, you only pay for who actually takes the trainings. ( 20 person minimum must still be met for customized on location classes).


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Smarty Pants Online Training | 120 Old Evans Road Martinez, GA 30907 | 762-323-8456 | SmartyPantsOnlineTraining.com